Why You Should Avoid Newlywed Women

Hooking up with married women can be exciting. However, many men don’t know what type of married women they should avoid. All married women are not the same. It’s best to stay away from some of them, even if they seem more than willing to fool around with you. Newlywed women are probably the worst type of married women to hook up with. They make fooling around a lot more difficult than it needs to be. They’re Quicker to Confess to Their Husbands “She might tell on you to her husband” Believe it or not, some marriages go sour almost as quickly as they start. When this happens, newlywed women will go out trying to find a man to satisfy in ways that her husband can’t. This is obviously fine, but there’s usually a catch. When newlywed women cheat on their husbands, they are also more likely to confess their adultery to their husbands. When women who have only been married for a brief time end up cheating on their husbands, they usually feel extremely guilty afterward. Instead of learning how to ignore that guilt, many of these women tell their husbands what they have done and hope that he will forgive them and that they can fix their marriage.…

When You’re Getting in Too Deep with a Married Woman

“Don’t get serious in this relationship, she is already married” Anytime you end up sleeping with a woman you’re going to have some sort of attachment. It’s just the way life goes. Then you have to decide whether you like her enough to keep her around or if you need to dump her and move on. But when you’re having an affair with a married woman, it’s not quite that simple. Sure, you might be thinking that since she’s already married you don’t have to worry about having a real relationship with her. But that’s not true in the slightest. People are still people and women especially tend to get really attached from having sex. So you’ve got to be careful and watch out for the signs that you’regetting in too deep with the married woman that you’re seeing. You’re Going on Real Dates Sure, it’s fun to go out and have some fun. You might drink or dance, but you always keep it fun and light. As soon as you start having real dates, you know that things are getting a little bit too serious. Real dates go beyond dinner or dancing. They’re heartfelt and intimate, showing each other a side that you normally doing let out. This is…

What Type of Woman Should You Go For?

With so many different types of women out there, you may be wondering what types of women are the best ones for you to hook up with. Some beautiful women can end up being complete psychos and not worth your time, while some average looking women can end up being a lot of fun to hangout and hook up with. Although there are a lot of women out there, we think two types of women are great to hook up with almost all the time. Women Who Like to Take Risks “Go for some adventure” Women who like to take risks are some of the most exciting women to date. This especially applies to women who are willing to cheat on their husbands. When a woman cheats on her husband, it is already showing you that she likes to take risks. She knows the dangers of being caught, but she goes through it anyway. Most of the women we’ve talked to have stated that cheating not only fulfills them when their husbands don’t, but it also excites them. Other than women who cheat, it’s easy to spot a woman who is willing to take risks. Many times, you can tell these women by how they dress and act in public.…

What to Do if Her Husband Suspects You

Sometimes it’s impossible to get away with it. If you’re banging a MILF that’s still married, you’re playing with fire. A husband and kids only complicates things. If her husband starts to suspect she’s screwing around on him, he’s going to start looking for ways to catch her in the act. Obviously, that’s bad news for you. In the interest of self-preservation, you need to play it safe if she tells you her husband is suspicious. Cover Your Tracks If your number shows up in her phone way too often, her husband is going to immediately suspect something’s up. Chances are good that he’ll call your number just to see who answers. Once he hears your voice, he’s going to lose it. Anytime you’re in a cheating relationship, you need to be smart about your phone. The best way to do this is to buy a disposable, pre-paid phone. This covers your ass if you’re also in a relationship, but it can help cover hers, too. Never answer a number you don’t recognize. Always plan your calls. That way, if someone from her number calls at a time you haven’t already arranged, you can avoid answering it and giving yourself away. To be doubly safe, get her to purchase a…

What to Avoid Saying to a Married Woman

When you want to have an affair with a married woman, it is important to know what you should be saying to her when you want to impress her. It’s not always easy to understand what a married woman wants to hear from you. This can make it much more difficult than it needs to be to find a married woman who wants to have an affair with you. Knowing exactly what you should say and what you should avoid saying to a married woman when you want to impress her will help you make the most of your hookup attempts. Anything about Why She’s Cheating “Don’t talk about her husband at all” When you want to talk to a married woman you should never bring up the fact that she is married. This may seem counterintuitive or strange to you, but the truth is that she will not appreciate being reminded of the fact that she is having an affair. She might think that you’re very rude for bringing it up or she might not, but either way she will not appreciate it so you should just avoid bringing up at all. You shouldn’t ask her why she is having an affair because she would not ask you why…

What a Married Woman Expects in an Affair

Getting into an affair with a woman can be tricky, but add on the fact that she’s married and you’re having to figure out a whole new ball game. Sure, she might just be in it for the sex, but more likely she’s going for something that her husband can’t provide her. You’ve got to be the one to step up to the plate and satisfy this woman. But before you can make a game plan you’ve got to know what she’s expecting to get out of this deal. Connection “She wants you to understand her” Most married women who start seeking affairs are missing some sort of connection with their husbands. It could be sexual or emotional, but whatever variety it’s just not there. You’ll be able to tell pretty quickly what she’s looking for. If she’s jumping your bones all the time and demanding more sex than a cathouse then you’ve got a sexually unsatisfied woman on your hands. Talk to her and watch for clues about what she wants in the bedroom. It could be that her sex life at home is too tame for her or that she’s just not getting enough. If it’s an emotional connection that she’s missing then you’re going to have a…

Treating Her the Way She Wishes Her Husband Would

Sometimes having an affair with a married woman can be a bit of a handful. Married women might be a lot less secure when they cheat than most guys, and she probably isn’t cheating because she wants to have more sex. She’s more likely to be lacking an emotional connection with her husband and she wants to get it back and be treated much better. While you’ll still get plenty of sex out of the arrangement, you need to spare the effort to make her feel special like her husband no longer does. Knowing how to spoil and pamper her and make her feel special like she wishes her husband would will definitely help you have a more successful affair with your mistress. Giving Her Gifts for No Reason “Surprise her with a gift” One of the biggest ways to make things feel romantic and whimsical is to give her gifts when she does not expect it. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Just giving her a small gift every now and then to show her that you were thinking of her can make her feel a lot more loved than her husband may be making her feel. The gifts can be fairly inexpensive and small, which is a…

The Safest Ways to End a Relationship with a Married Woman

So you’ve been sleeping with a married woman. High fives all around, because sex without any relationship crap is awesome, it’s not going to last forever, obviously. She’s married and you’re not looking to get seriously involved. When it’s time to move on, things might not go as well as you’d hoped. If you’re bailing and she’s developed some kind of emotional attachment to you, things can get messy. You’ll want to cut ties in a way that doesn’t lead to some kind of screwed up disaster. Tell Her You’re Worried about Getting Caught This excuse doesn’t really leave room for an argument. If she’s cheating on her husband with, you she isn’t going to want to get caught either. Make it sound as convincing as you can. Tell her you know how much her family means to her and you don’t want to be the reason it’s destroyed. Convince her that the chances of her husband finding out are high. In the end, her instinct for self-preservation should kick into gear and she’ll agree with you that it’s best to call it quits. Tell Her There’s Someone Else You can always tell her you’ve been seeing someone else. She might get mad, but being as she’s married, she really…

The Best Places to Find Married Women

Every guy has his preference. Some like their women young. Others like the cougars. Some prefer their ladies unattached. Other guys might find the concept of banging a married woman hotter than anything else. If you fall into the last category, you’re an ambitious guy that likes taking risks. Sleeping with married women brings you all of the perks (sex) with none of the baggage (commitment), so what’s not to like? Unfortunately, finding a married woman who’s looking for a little extramarital playtime can be tough. Once you know the best places to spot them, you can begin your search. Online You can turn to the Internet for anything these days, so why not look online for hot married women who want sex on the side? There are a ton of adult dating websites that cater to every kind of situation, including married women. All you need to do is sign up on one of them and look through the ladies that are available. You’ll be able to find one (or two, or three) easily. From there it’s just a matter of meeting up, getting naked, and getting freaky. Bars Like everyone else, married women enjoy a night out every now and then. When you’re out for drinks for your…

Snagging Married Women on Vacation

Have you wanted to get it on with a married woman? Statistics show that guys are way more likely to enjoy an affair if the woman involved is already wed to another guy. It adds an element of secrecy and downright wrongness to the whole thing. But getting personally involved with something that can end up so messy is a definite risk, and you don’t want some huge hulking husband to come after you with a knife if he finds out that you’re jumping into his territory. But there is a way to fulfill your dream without getting jumped: go on vacation. Taking a trip somewhere where no one knows who you are can give you the upper hand and the balls tofind a married woman. But first you’re going to have to know how to spot her. The Anti-Tan Line If a woman is out on the town hoping to get lucky she’s going to slip her ring off. It doesn’t matter if she’s only been married for a few months or years, that ring is going to leave a white line across her finger. Even if she attempts to cover it with makeup it’s going to melt off. Obviously she doesn’t want you to know that she’s married,…


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The Best of the Best in Meeting Married Women

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#2 Website: EstablishedMen
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