Getting a Married Woman to Say “Yes”

“Presents may work better”

There’s a certain thrill that men get from fooling around with married women. Most men will tell you that convincing a married woman to cheat can sometimes be tricky. While some women have no problems with fooling around on their husbands, others need to be convinced to do anything more than flirting. When you want a married woman to say yes, you need to make sure she feels like she will be missing out if she says no.

Keep the Compliments Coming

“She will love to hear the compliments”

One of the best ways to get a married woman to agree to hook up with you is by constantly complimenting her. However, if you think that telling a married woman that she is beautiful or hot over and over again will work, we can promise you that this won’t. When you are complimenting a married woman, you will have to use a bit of variety to actually make her even consider cheating on her husband.

While it’s fine to compliment a married woman with typical compliments that focus on her appearance, you must also compliment her on other things. For example, a great way to really impress a married woman is by telling her how much you admire how she can manage to keep things in order. You can also compliment her on her ability to juggle a lot of things at once. Don’t forget to compliment her taste in entertainment. Whether it’s movies, books, or television shows, married women don’t often get told that they have good taste in things. This is because their husbands typically think whenever a woman mentions her taste in specific things he treats her like she is nagging him to like the same stuff that she likes. When you compliment a married woman’s sense of taste and uniqueness, she’ll be all over you in a second.

Don’t Push Too Hard

Another thing you should do when you want a married woman to say yes is to remember not to push her. Married women are usually thinking long and hard about whether or not they should actually go through with hooking up with you. If you come on too strong, or make it seem like you want her too much, she may decide dealing with you isn’t worth the risk.

In order to convince a married woman to say yes, show her that you’re interested, but don’t make her feel like she’s pressured to say yes. Find out what type of man her husband is, and then use your charm to be the exact opposite type of man as her husband. Make her want to know what it feels like to be with a man who appreciates her for more than just her beauty or her body. If you can do that, you can definitely get a married woman to hook up with you.

It’s not as difficult as some guys may think to hook up with a married woman. All you really need to do is pour on the compliments nice and thick. Make her want you by showing her how much better you are than her husband. If you can manage to do that, she will say yes every single time.


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