How to Avoid Married Women Who Want a Long-Term Relationship

“Don’t go for a long term relationship with a married woman”

Dating a married woman who wants a long-term relationship can be stressful. More often than not, if she’s married and looking for a long-term hook up, it’s because she eventually wants to find someone to leave her husband for. If you don’t want to be that person, you should consider avoiding women who want long-term side relationships.

Ask Her About Her History with Married Dating

The best, and probably the easiest, way to figure out if a married woman is after a long-term relationship with you is to ask her about her past regarding married dating. If she’s hooked up before with someone else before she met you, you will need to find out how long that relationship lasted and why it ended. Don’t be afraid to ask her about her past. If she doesn’t expect anything from you, she won’t be reluctant to tell you anything. If she seems like she’s holding something back, she may be the type of woman who wants a long-term relationship in addition to the relationship she has with her husband.

If a married woman tells you that she was previously in a relationship with another man that she cheated with and it lasted longer than three or four months, you may want to be careful. Usually married women only want to have flings with men. They don’t actually want to develop long-term relationships. Not only that, but most of the time married women start to get paranoid that their husbands will find out so they like to keep side relationships brief. If you find out that she wants a side relationship to last “for a while,” you may want to stay away from her.

Tell Her You Have Kids

“She will be out of your life very soon”

Another great way to avoid married women who want a long-term relationship is to tell her that you have kids. If you’re old enough to have (or look like you could have) teenagers, let her know that you have daughters. In more than a few cases, teenage daughters do not get along with women that their fathers hook up with. Once she finds out that you have teenage daughters, she may no longer have the desire to have a long-term relationship with you because she knows that life will be too difficult for her if she ended up leaving her husband for you.

When you tell her that you have kids, she automatically realizes that if she perused more than a hook up with you, that she will have to take on additional responsibilities. This works great because if she has her own children, she will know how difficult it is to raise children. If she doesn’t have children of her own, she may be worried about how to deal with children and will only want to sleep with you a couple of times before calling it quits.

Sex with a married woman is fine, but when she starts wanting to take things more serious with you, it becomes less enjoyable. We recommend that you end the relationship as soon as you realize that she’s wants more from you than you’re willing to give.


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