How to Keep a Married Woman Coming Back for More

“Keep her coming back for more”

While it may be easy to get a woman to cheat on her husband in some instances, it may not be as easy to get her to come back for more. When you want a woman to always come to you whenever you call, you’re going to have to give her a reason to.

Skip the Boring Sex

Married women can get typical and boring sex at home with their husbands. If she’s willing to cheat with you, you are going to have to reward her. The first thing you need to do is find out if she has any type of kinks and/or fetishes. She may tell you no at first, but keep on her about them. Even women have different kinks and fetishes.

Once you are able to convince her to tell you about her kinks and fetishes; find out why she likes them. Do not criticize any of her kinks or fetishes, even if you hate some of them. Let her explain to you why she likes them and what she likes about them. Once she does that, you need to find one that you can tolerate so that the two of you can explore it. Regardless of how mild her kink or fetish is, you should both start out slowly. Sometimes even the most seemingly harmless kink such as dirty talking can end up having horrible effects if the two of you aren’t careful. Communication is important the entire time. If she decides that she doesn’t like the kink or fetish now that she’s seeing it in action, do not force her to get over it. Stop and talk about it. Don’t forget. Women love talking.

Show Her How Thoughtful You Are

“She will find your intelligence sexy”

The real reason women cheat is because they aren’t feeling appreciated by their husbands. Many times, husbands take advantage of their wives, feeling like it’s their duty to do anything and everything that their husbands demands of them. While some women have no problem with this, most women do not desire to be treated as if she is a piece of property rather than a human being. When she feels like that, she will go off in search of a man who will treat her better.

When you want to keep her coming back for more, you are going to have to remember to show her how thoughtful you can be. Buy her inexpensive gifts and send her random messages throughout the day to show her that you’re thinking about her. Give her a gift that shows that you’ve been listening to her. For example, if she tells you that she gets backaches, buy her a back massager or a heating pad in addition to another, more romantic gift. She will be so appreciative of how thoughtful you are, she’ll always come back for more.

Once she knows for sure that she’s going to get good sex and thoughtfulness, you don’t have to worry about convincing her to come back to you. As long as you keep giving her those things, she is pretty much yours for as long as you want her.


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