How to Stand Out From Her Husband

If a married woman is turning to you for sex she’s obviously got some problems with her husband. That said, it doesn’t mean she’s going to want to keep having sex with you. She’s looking to get her needs satisfied. If she’s gorgeous and gives you some of the best sex you’ve ever had, you’re going to want to keep hooking up with her. The best way to keep her interested in what you’re offering is to make sure you stand out from the other men in her life, namely her husband.

Listen and Learn

When most women are unhappy with something, they tend to vent about it. When you’re with her pay careful attention to what she says about the state of her marriage. Chances are that she’s going to drop hints regarding her husband and why she’s cheating on him. Store that information for your own use. If you want her to keep sleeping with you, you need to be the kind of guy that her husband isn’t. If you give her what she’s missing in her marriage, she’ll want to keep hooking up with you.

Make Her Feel Good

"She would love it, if you make her feel special"

“She would love it, if you make her feel special”

If she’s having sex with you, you’re obviously making her feel good. You want to go beyond that if you want to keep sleeping with her. Make her feel good in bed and out. Compliment her on her appearance, her intelligence, and anything else you can think of. If her husband is slacking in that department, she’ll appreciate it all the more coming from you.

Don’t Be Needy

"Don't show your clinginess"

“Don’t show your clinginess”

She’s not looking for a replacement husband. She’s looking to get laid and she wants a guy that makes her feel good about herself again. Don’t read too much into the fact that she wants to have sex with you. She has a need and she wants to fix it. If you become too romantic and clingy, you’re only going to force her away. Be there when she wants you to be there, but don’t go beyond that unless she’s told you that’s what she wants.

Don’t Be Aloof

You also shouldn’t be too distant. She doesn’t want sex from an unemotional robot. She wants it from a man that can respect her boundaries. Being cold and disinterested all the time is going to push her away. Show some emotion, but not too much. Even if it is just sex, you can try to appreciate her as a person.

Study Her Husband

This is really only an option if you know her husband. For example, if you’re working with him or he’s a part of your extended social circle, you’ll be able to pay attention to what he does. Maybe he’s loud and obnoxious. Maybe he’s rude to women. Take note of all his mannerisms that could be annoying. If you’re friendly with him, talk to him about his marriage. If he has no idea that you’re banging his wife, he’ll probably spill about what’s going on. Once you have all that information you can use it to your advantage by doing things differently the next time you’re in bed with his wife.


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