How to Tell if She’d Be Willing to Cheat on Her Husband

“Her flirting nature shows what she wants”

Finding women who are willing to cheat on their husbands can be tough. Sometimes you may think that she’s ready and willing only to discover that she isn’t.

She Initiates the Flirting

A good way to tell whether or not a woman would be willing to cheat on her husband is if she is the first out of the two of you to do the flirting. While many women flirt, often times, they won’t flirt first. This is because they can use the excuse that they just wanted to keep the banter going with you, or that they didn’t want to seem rude or stuck up. The truth is that when a married woman is the first to flirt with you, it means that she has an interest in you and under the right situations she would be willing to have sex with you.

When a married woman starts flirting with you, don’t ruin things by saying, “Does your husband know you flirt like this?” or “I bet your husband wouldn’t be happy if he found out how much of a flirter you are.” Instead, keep the flirting going with her. Many times, married women want to know how far you will take their flirting. This is because that most men know that if she is married, they won’t have a chance and eventually they stop flirting. However, if you are one of the few guys that continue the flirting, allowing things to get steamier and showing her that you’re not going to be the first to back down, it will more than likely turn her on.

When the two of you flirt so much that sex seems like its inevitable, she may then pull back and wait for you to make the first move, which is exactly what you should do. Sometimes women need to have someone to blame when it comes to cheating. If you want to get laid, you may have to be willing to say you pushed too hard.

She Openly Talks About Her Sex Life

“Women generally avoid discussing their sex life”

Women are taught to keep their sex lives taboo, especially in the presence of men. If you notice that she isn’t afraid to talk about what type of sex she has with her husband and how good (or more often than not, bad) it is, there is a high possibility that she is definitely willing to cheat on her husband.

If a woman starts talking about how sex life around you, she may want you to ask her questions. She may also want you to proclaim that you can make her feel better than her husband. You should jokingly do both. If she answers you and has no problem with talking to you about your sex style and her husband’s, she may be silently telling you to make a move.

Always move in slowly when you think a woman may be willing to cheat on her husband. If you come on too strong, you may scare her away or giver her second thoughts. Be persistent, but definitely don’t push the issue in a way where you make her feel uncomfortable.


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