Looking Good to Married Women Online

If you’re familiar with adult dating websites, you know how important a good profile picture is. Women can be just as judgemental as men in this department. Married women can be even more so. If you’re looking to get with a married woman, you need to make sure that her first physical impression of you is exactly what she wants.

Look Mature

"Your mature look may impress her"

“Your mature look may impress her”

If she’s been married for a while or has kids, she’s not interested in frat guys. This means pictures of you doing a keg stand with no shirt are not going to impress her much. You want a picture that shows your face clearly. You also want to be wearing clothes that don’t scream “I’m a nerd” or “I only do laundry once every three weeks.” You want her to look at you and think you’re a mature, confident, responsible guy.

Lighting Counts

If you want to take the best profile pic possible, you need to put a little effort into it. This means finding a light source so that your face isn’t lost in shadow or glare. Natural light is the best, so if possible take the picture outdoors or in a room that gets a lot of sun. If that’s not possible, use a lamp. You don’t need to run out and buy an expensive one. A simple desk lamp pointed at your face can work just as well.

Setting is Important

"She will prefer a clean room"

“She will prefer a clean room”

Married women are going to be spending enough time cleaning up after their husbands (and kids, if they have them). They don’t want to start sleeping with another guy that can’t clean up after himself. For that reason you need to make sure that the background of your picture is tidy. This means that you shouldn’t take it in your room if your bed is perpetually unmade and there’s a never-ending pile of laundry on your floor. The same goes no matter what room you take the picture in. You want it to look relatively clean so that she thinks you’re at least a little responsible.

Grooming is Good

As awesome as you think your neck beard and handlebar moustache is chances are married ladies won’t feel the same. Clean yourself up a bit before you take the picture. If you look good rocking some scruff, leave it. Otherwise, opt for a clean-shaven look. If your hair is out of control, get it trimmed. Long hair is risky because not a lot of guys look good in it. Unless you’ve been told that it works for you, consider chopping it off.

No Nudes

Yeah, maybe she is looking online for a guy to have sex with. And yes, she’s probably going to be interested in the size of your package. Does this mean it’s the first thing she wants to see? No. Be somewhat tasteful when it comes to your profile picture. There’s no harm in going shirtless (unless you’ve got a beer gut and chest hair that puts grizzly bears to shame), but don’t drop your pants. Save the nudes for when you get to know her better.


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