Pretending You’re a Single Dad to Attract Married Women

“Women love to be with single dads”

When you really want to grab a married woman as quickly as possible, pretending that you’re a single dad is probably the best way to go. Pretending to be a single and easy, and sometimes it is downright fun.

Tug Her Heartstrings

Kids may drive you crazy, for the one good thing about them is that big hug and a woman’s heartstrings. When you tell a woman that you’re single dad the first think she’s going to want to know is what happened to their mother. You should definitely make up the best sob story you can’t for this answer. You can tell her that the kids’ mother abandoned you and the children that you haven’t heard from her in years. You can also tell her that the other woman died from an illness or car accident.

We need to press up story for immediate reaction will be sympathy. Many married women Will also fill empathic because they will be able to put themselves in your place did imagine how it would feel of their husbands left them. When you add children to the mix, all you’re really doing is guaranteeing that she will believe his story. Once you are saying that she believes in you need to continue to make her feel empathy and sympathy for you and for your fake children. Don’t forget to come up with some information about your fake children. Give the names, ages, and birthdays. Find photos online, print them out, and stick them into your wallet so if she asks to see what they look like you have something to show her.

Pity is Better than Nothing

“You can gain a lot with pity”

Went she starts feeling sympathetic and empathetic for you, she will also start to pity you. Make sure the sadness that you express up being alone and raising your fake children all on your own seems both realistic and genuine. Do not let her know that you were trying to come to her. Instead, you should continuously thank her for listening to you and your story. You should also apologize to her for talking about things that you know are depressing. Usually she will tell you that it’s fine for you to talk, and that you can talk as much as you want. After she says this or something similar, tell her that you are lonely.

When you tell me that you had lonely you should also tell her that you don’t want to bring women home because you’re afraid of upsetting your children. You should also tell her that you value the relationship you have with your children and not sure if bringing a woman home will damage it or not. After you tell her this, she will be more than likely compelled to have pity sex with you. If she offers, take her up on it. If it’s good, she’ll continue to give it to you whenever she can.

Pretending that you’re single dad is one of the easiest tricks in the book. The chances of her every wanting to meet your fake children is slim to none, so you’re pretty much in the clear.


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