Recognizing a Disaster When Sleeping With a Married Woman

Sleeping with a married woman is one of the most convenient sexual encounters you can have. You get laid with no strings attached. At the end, she goes back to her husband and you’re free to keep doing what you’re doing. Except that it doesn’t always end that way. Married women who cheat are obviously not happy with their marriage. This means, they might be emotionally damaged and have a number of other issues. This also means that you need to pay attention to make sure you’re not sleeping with a disaster waiting to happen.

She’s Too Clingy

"She'll not let you go"

“She’ll not let you go”

If she’s constantly trying to touch you, it could be a warning sign. It’s normal to show some affection before or after sex. It’s not normal for her to cling to you so much that you actually have to pry her off in order to go take a piss. On top of being annoying as hell, this kind of clinginess is a sign that she’s more than a little insecure. She needs to feel safe with a man and she’s chosen you. If this is the case she’s probably going to start thinking of you as more than just a sex object. This is not a good thing. It’s going to complicate things, which is exactly what you didn’t want.

She’s Needy

"Don't let her get too attached to you"

“Don’t let her get too attached to you”

Maybe she’s always after you to spend time with her even when there’s a big risk of getting caught. If she’s calling you all the time, even in the middle of the night when she’s at home with her husband, she feels like you can meet all her needs. You don’t want to meet all her needs. That’s what a husband is for. You just want to get laid. If she wants to spend more time with you than she does with her husband or family, it’s time to bail. She obviously thinks you’re the solution to the disaster that is her marriage, and that’s never a good situation to be in.

She Cries Constantly

Sex without strings is awesome. That’s why banging a married woman can be so awesome. Not all cheating wives are stable, though. If you wind up with one who is so emotional that she’s pretty much always in tears, you need to find a way to leave the situation. If she’s that fragile she’s going to fall apart sooner or later, and you don’t want to be around when that happens.

She’s Jealous

A married woman has no right to get jealous about the other ladies in your life. So if she starts getting pissy about the fact that other women call you or date you, it might be time to move on. If she’s acting like she’s staked a claim with you, it’s not good news. She’ll probably get worse and worse until the two of you are having screaming matches over the fact that there are other women in your life. Remind her of the fact that she’s married if that’s the case and then move on. Don’t stay with her if she’s going to be that much of a hypocrite.


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