Seducing a Married Mom

"She seems to be enjoying all of this"

“She seems to be enjoying all of this”

Unfortunately, sometimes the hottest women you’ll meet will come with strings attached. Kids and a husband can be a deal breaker for some guys. If you’re okay with the extra baggage, you’re going to have to work hard to get her into bed with you. She’s already got a lifestyle and a family, so you need to show her that you can offer her something else she needs-namely, awesome, mind-blowing sex. Getting her into bed with you is also going to take some effort. MILFs aren’t like single women, so you’re going to have to get creative.

The Bold Approach

Sometimes the best way to get something is go for it. If you’ve met a MILF that you’re dying to get with, tell her up front. She’s either going to be flattered or offended. Chances are it will be the former. She might appreciate your straightforwardness and the fact that you think she’s that sexy. If she’s offended, just move on. If she turns you down and she’s married, it’s probably best to make a quick exit. The last thing you want is her raging husband beating the shit out of you.

Be Respectful

Moms work hard and usually don’t get the appreciation they need to feel good about themselves. This can include gratitude from both her husband and kids. If you really want to get her attention, give her some praise. Tell her you think it’s amazing that she handles the kids and keeps things at home going. Compliment her appearance. Basically, do your best to make her feel good. If she’s not getting that at home she’s going to appreciate it even more when it comes from you.

Be Interested in Her Family

She might be the sexiest woman you’ve ever seen, but the fact is that she’s still married and she’s still a mom. Even if she does want to have sex with you, she’s going to have other, more important priorities. Her family is going to be her main concern. For that reason, you should be curious about her kids. Ask her their ages, their interests, and the things she loves most about them. Get her to show you pictures of them. If you seem interested in her kids she’s going to think you’re interested in her, which is exactly what you want.

Use Her Marriage Issues to Your Advantage

"Act like her husband and make her happy"

“Act like her husband and make her happy”

Maybe it’s obvious that her marriage is in trouble. Bad news for her, good news for you. Anytime a woman’s concerned about her marriage she’s going to be feeling insecure and vulnerable. Use what she’s feeling to get her to sleep with you. If you make her feel cherished and sexy, she’s going to reciprocate. Just remember to look out for the warning signs. If her marriage really is that bad, she might be looking for a replacement husband and that’s what you want to avoid.

Pretend to Be a Married Father

Sometimes you have to lie to get what you want. Married women are usually more receptive to guys that also have a family. So invent yourself a wife (or ex-wife) and some kids and then feed her your sob story about an unhappy marriage. If she’s going through the same thing, she’ll jump at the chance to get closer to someone who understands her.


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