What a Married Woman Expects in an Affair

Getting into an affair with a woman can be tricky, but add on the fact that she’s married and you’re having to figure out a whole new ball game. Sure, she might just be in it for the sex, but more likely she’s going for something that her husband can’t provide her. You’ve got to be the one to step up to the plate and satisfy this woman. But before you can make a game plan you’ve got to know what she’s expecting to get out of this deal.


“She wants you to understand her”

Most married women who start seeking affairs are missing some sort of connection with their husbands. It could be sexual or emotional, but whatever variety it’s just not there. You’ll be able to tell pretty quickly what she’s looking for. If she’s jumping your bones all the time and demanding more sex than a cathouse then you’ve got a sexually unsatisfied woman on your hands. Talk to her and watch for clues about what she wants in the bedroom. It could be that her sex life at home is too tame for her or that she’s just not getting enough.

If it’s an emotional connection that she’s missing then you’re going to have a more intimate relationship with her. There will be more dinners and romancing involved then when you’re with a sex freak. Unfortunately, she’s also way more likely to get attached to you too. Emotional relationships are the ones that end divorces. She’ll either want to get with you after realizing how little she feels for her husband anymore or just realize that she doesn’t love the guy.

Classic Affair Qualities

“Do something different from what her husband does”

When the word “affair” is used to tend to leave the image of a romantic, steamy, and secret relationship between a man and a woman. Some old school noir movies might come to mind. When she’s thinking of an affair, that’s what she wants. None of that “let’s sort of date for a while” stuff. It’s a full on attack of romance and desire. You might feel way too melodramatic at first, but that’s exactly what she wants. Feed into that desire by going over the top with flowers, dinners, and other sexy luxuries that she’s been day dreaming about.

A Boy-toy

You’re going to provide her with hours of fun, because she’s going to make you her boy-toy. You might be used to feeling manly in life, but most married women want someone who’s going to make her feel like a woman, while being able to toss the guy around a bit. If you’re showing her too much power or aggression she’s not going to stick around long. In other areas of her life where she feels weak, she’s going to flip the switch on you and be the one in power. This isn’t a bad thing. As a matter of fact, she’ll be a beast in the sack. You just have to help her inner tigress come out for a good time. But if you’re looking for someone to boss around, keep looking, a married woman isn’t right for you.


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