When You’re Getting in Too Deep with a Married Woman

“Don’t get serious in this relationship, she is already married”

Anytime you end up sleeping with a woman you’re going to have some sort of attachment. It’s just the way life goes. Then you have to decide whether you like her enough to keep her around or if you need to dump her and move on. But when you’re having an affair with a married woman, it’s not quite that simple. Sure, you might be thinking that since she’s already married you don’t have to worry about having a real relationship with her. But that’s not true in the slightest. People are still people and women especially tend to get really attached from having sex. So you’ve got to be careful and watch out for the signs that you’regetting in too deep with the married woman that you’re seeing.

You’re Going on Real Dates

Sure, it’s fun to go out and have some fun. You might drink or dance, but you always keep it fun and light. As soon as you start having real dates, you know that things are getting a little bit too serious. Real dates go beyond dinner or dancing. They’re heartfelt and intimate, showing each other a side that you normally doing let out. This is the sort of stuff that’s normally reserved for rom-com movies, but when it happens in real life that means that you’re actually beginning to feel committed to each other. Commitment is the number one cause of affairs blowing up in your face. Steer clear of this.

You Think About Her All the Time

“Stop thinking about her. There are other women too”

Having a woman on your mind a majority of the time is something that you start doing in high school. It doesn’t matter how awesome she is right now, she’s married. That means that unless she gets a divorce, you can’t have her. And even then, you’re just starting an affair. These aren’t meant to last. Sometimes you have to remind yourself of that so youdon’t’ get the notion of picketfence in your future together.

She Is Getting Too Emotional

The idea of getting in too deep is often connected with the fact that a guy is falling for a woman, but it’s not always the case. Getting in too deep might be you feeling unattached, but her wanting to be yours is just as dangerous. Yourdick will do a lot of thinking for you, and that might mean that you ignore some emotional strings here and there. But as soon as she starts pouring on the emotions and crying to you, you have to back off. Tears are the worst because they show vulnerability that she doesn’t normally share with other people. Anger, happiness, lust, these are all emotions that are good things. They’ll kindle the steamy affair while keeping the physical feel around. But the softer side of things will do you in by making someone break the other’s hearts.

Anytime you get into an affair you have to worry about the consequences. If you handle yourself right you can get out of it, scot-free. But entangling your emotions with hers will leave you in a rut you never thought you’d be in.


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