Why You Should Avoid Newlywed Women

Hooking up with married women can be exciting. However, many men don’t know what type of married women they should avoid. All married women are not the same. It’s best to stay away from some of them, even if they seem more than willing to fool around with you. Newlywed women are probably the worst type of married women to hook up with. They make fooling around a lot more difficult than it needs to be.

They’re Quicker to Confess to Their Husbands

“She might tell on you to her husband”

Believe it or not, some marriages go sour almost as quickly as they start. When this happens, newlywed women will go out trying to find a man to satisfy in ways that her husband can’t. This is obviously fine, but there’s usually a catch. When newlywed women cheat on their husbands, they are also more likely to confess their adultery to their husbands.

When women who have only been married for a brief time end up cheating on their husbands, they usually feel extremely guilty afterward. Instead of learning how to ignore that guilt, many of these women tell their husbands what they have done and hope that he will forgive them and that they can fix their marriage. If that happens, you can forget about hooking up with her again. Even worse, her husband may come searching for you. If you’re newlywed hookup starts showing signs of feeling guilty about her relationship with you, get out of there as quickly as you can. It will only lead to disaster if you don’t.

They’re Still Looking for Love

“She’ll give you signals but be aware of her husband”

When a newlywed cheats on her husband, it is usually a good sign that she is still looking for love. If the two of you hook up and she starts thinking you’re the one, don’t be surprised if she starts talking divorce. Newlyweds are usually committed to their husbands unless they’re just marrying for money. If she’s willing to cheat on him after only being married for a short time, it means that she doesn’t consider her husband the love of her life.

If you notice that she’s constantly trying to find ways to talk and meet up with you, chances are, she’ll soon start thinking that you’re the guy for her. If you’re not interested in making anything permanent with her, we recommend you end things with her before they get ugly.

If you discover that the woman you’re hooking up with is a newlywed, it may be best if you ask her questions about her relationship with her husband. She may be put off at first, but you should definitely get her to come clean. Ask her would she consider leaving her husband for someone else, if she says yes, make your relationship with her as brief as possible.

While newlyweds may be fun to hook up with, they don’t offer the same maturity as women who have been married for a long time. If you’re lucky, you may find a newlywed woman who just wants you for sex and nothing more. If you do, consider yourself lucky. These women are rare.


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