C-Date.com Review: It Doesn’t Work, It Never Will, and We’re Sure of That



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The scammers here are scams within scams. Not only is that fake profile a cam girl, but the cam girl is actually a scambot. It's almost amazing, if it wasn't so annoying.

C-Date.com is another site that’s just pointless. There aren’t any women running around on here, and we figured that out very quickly during our pointless C-Date review.

It’s empty.

Sites that are as empty as this one just make us grind our teeth. We feel really bad for anyone that legitimately tries to use this site, because it’s mostly just C-Date scams.

Married Dating Scam Alert Image

The women on this site are mostly cam girls, if you can even call them that. They just spam out a ton of links, adding to the pile of C-Date scams that you have to deal with.

It’s just unpleasant. This is one site that just drove us nuts while we were using it, and we hated it a lot. It’s not going to get you a single fling, so what even is the point?

The Numbers Prove That It Doesn’t Work

We ended up spending a total of three months on our C-Date review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 300 e-mails to women that we ended up finding on this site.

C-Date overlay screen

It wasn’t worth it.

From those 300 e-mails, we only ended up with a grand total of 13 responses total. This was absolutely deplorable, and really proved our point about how dead this site was.

From those 13 responses, obviously not a single woman wanted to go out with us. These numbers were just awful, and it was incredible to really see them come to life.

We hated this site, obviously, and that’s because it was just one big waste of time. There wasn’t anything good about it, and we really just wanted to leave it alone forever.

Married Women Aren’t Here, and We’re Sure of It

Sites that are as cluttered with scammers as this one are honestly baffling. What’s the point to it in the first place? There’s no one that’s dumb enough to stick around.

This site just doesn’t care.

The more that we sat around on this site, the more that we realized that they just don’t care here. It doesn’t matter how many times you report them, because it won’t change anything.

They’re just hoping that they’ll get a little bit of money in some way or fashion. That’s all they can hope for at this point, honestly, because their site is just dead in the water.

With that in mind, we hope that everyone figures out how empty and desolate this site is in the future. There’s nothing about this site that’s ever going to work for real.

Our News Finds

Oysters can increase your sex drive…or can they? This article answers what C-Date.com can’t: http://voices.yahoo.com/do-oysters-increase-sex-drive-1007085.html?cat=68

C-Date.com Review: The Numbers Prove That It Just Doesn’t Deliver

We absolutely hated C-Date.com, and that’s because this site is pointless and dead. There’s nothing going on here, and there is nothing that ever will go on here.

It’s awful.

This is one site that really just needs to end up being shut down. There’s no other point to it, and with that in mind, we hope that everyone exits stage left sooner rather than later.

Instead, you should be checking out our number one site, EroticAds.com. It’s the best of the best, and we’re sure that it will work for you as well. Our numbers don’t lie.

Check it out, and you’ll end up seeing some real results. We’ve never not had it work out for the best, and that’s because it’s one hell of a site that always works in our favor.

Check it out, and you’ll see!

20 Responses to “C-Date.com Review: It Doesn’t Work, It Never Will, and We’re Sure of That”

  1. Official Heart

    Doing a review for C-Date.com was the worst idea I’ve ever had. I got a ton of viruses and no messages.

  2. Nobody told me how fucking awful this site was in comparison to the others and now I’m really pissed off.

  3. Los Tumbler

    I heard that this site was a scam right after I joined. Ugh, I really wish I’d heard that earlier.

  4. Somebody tell me if C-Date.com is legit or not. I need to know before I sign up. I don’t want scammed.

  5. Jarod Burnett

    I’ve never been good at using these sites, but this one is just impossible to navigate. I’m going away now.

  6. The Albatross

    Don’t do a test run of C-Date.com unless you feel like having your computer completely overrun with really bad viruses.

  7. I wanted to give this site a good rating, but I can’t do it. This was the worst site I’ve ever seen.

  8. Hearty Insane Hamster

    Don’t trust any review sites from 2014. This site pays them off so they’ll write fake positive reviews for it.

  9. I’m not sure how well C-Date.com works for dating. Is it more of a hookup site, or what’s the deal?

  10. Sites like this make me feel like the whole entire industry of online dating is plummeting into a terrible abyss.

  11. I wanted to review C-Date.com for my friend, but I don’t bother with fake sites, and that’s what this is.

  12. In comparison to the sites I’m on, this one is just plain sad. I can’t believe it has so man members.

  13. Mini Beauty Panther

    All these small sites are just scam sites, so I don’t go on them anymore. You guys shouldn’t join either.

  14. Findind a legit site has been damn near impossible for me. I’m trying C-Date.com out, though to see if it works.

  15. Lavern Walker

    Good things come to those who wait, except for on this site where you wait for years and get nothing.

  16. Dreaded Honey

    Welp, I guess I learned to never so much as test out C-Date.com again. I had to buy a whole new computer.

  17. Rating this site is easy. I’m going to give it such a low score that it brings down its ratings forever.

  18. Navy Helium

    I won’t read any review from 2014 because I heard that they were all fake. No thank you, no way.

  19. I’ve never been on a dating site that I liked, so I really don’t have very high expectations for C-Date.com.

  20. Jamel Alliman

    I am sick and tired of going on sites like this and getting scammed out of my money again and again.


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