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A site this lazy is almost insulting. Real female membership is nonexistent due to the male-centric site graphics and adverts, and (bad) cam girls have all taken their place. is another site that really needs to learn how to attract women. It obviously has no idea what it’s doing, and that’s why it’s such a pointless site.

We figured that out fast.

During our MarriedButBored review, we really found ourselves pulling out our hair. It’s one site that just doesn’t seem to understand the concept of attracting ladies.

Married Dating Scam Alert Image

It’s covered in boobs and butts, which, of course, just attracts a ton of MarriedButBored scams. This whole site is covered in cam girls now, which really isn’t good.

We hate having to deal with MarriedButBored scams because they’re particularly scammy. It’s just unpleasant, and it makes for a really annoying situation in general.

Our Numbers Don’t Lie, so Witness Failure at Hand in Spades on This Site

We ended up spending a total of three months on our MarriedButBored review, and during this time, we sent out a total of 300 e-mails to women that we found on this site.

overlay image for MarriedButBored

It wasn’t good.

From those 300 e-mails, we ended up receiving a grand total of 83 responses overall. This really wasn’t good, and really proved how empty this site was to us overall.

From those 83 responses, we didn’t end up receiving a single offer to meet up. That means that our entire time spent on this site was one big waste of time–unsurprisingly.

While we weren’t surprised, we sure were annoyed. This whole site was a big time waster, and we really didn’t enjoy dealing with that kind of thing. It’s just not good.

Scams Are Everywhere, and the Married Ladies You Want Are Not

We really didn’t like this site. The scams that are covering this site are just obnoxious, and they really end up spamming your inbox and making it difficult to navigate.
It’s not good.

These kinds of scammers are just annoying. We found ourselves constantly having to wade through a ton of spam mails, and that makes us want to pull out our hair.

There’s just no reason for it. It’s a really inconvenient way to try and have flings, and trust us, there are plenty of sites out there that get the job done way easier and better.

This site just bogs you down and makes you wonder if you really are crazy. Trust us, you aren’t; this whole site is just awful, and really doesn’t get the job done at all.

Our News Reports

There are a lot of herbs out there that can help out a woman’s sex drive, and knows nothing about them: Review: The Numbers Prove and Say Everything

Sites like are no good, and that’s why we’ll never be back. This is just a really crappy site, and it really doesn’t do you any favors to use it.

It’s full of fakes.

This site just doesn’t do you any favors, and that’s because you’ll be wading through scams the whole time. It’s annoying and pointless, and it really just doesn’t work at all.

That’s why you should be checking out our number one site instead, It’s the best of the best, and sites like that just really get the job done.

Check it out, and you’ll see what we mean. We keep coming back to for a reason, and that’s because it genuinely works well for us and everyone we’ve spoken to.

20 Responses to “ Review: There’s Nothing Here For You or For Us”

  1. Liquid Purple Cat

    I read a review of that said the site was good, so I joined. They were lying to me.

  2. God damn, all the comparison sites blow this one out of the water and that’s just damn sad to me.

  3. BuffaloBuffalo

    I’ve heard that this site is a scam, so I don’t think I’ll be renewing my membership after this month.

  4. seems like a legit site, but you can never be too sure. I need to look up some reviews.

  5. Rolando Conrad

    Good god, did they even TRY with this site? I’ve never seen such a poorly made site in my life!

  6. Don’t ever bother doing a test run of unless you feel like wasting your time on a scam site.

  7. I want to give this site the worst rating possible. How do I go about that? Can I give it a negative?

  8. Evil William Davis

    Every review sites from 2014 says that this site is good. Are they lying, or am I just using it wrong?

  9. I’m always on the lookout for a good dating site, but looks like it might be awesome or terrible.

  10. Walter Zundel

    Sites like this are why I’m done with online dating. I’m tired of messing with shit that doesn’t even work.

  11. Brutal James Hawkins

    I was going to review for my friend, but it’s a fake site so I won’t bother with it.

  12. In comparison to my favorite sites, this one is pathetic. It won’t even load half of the time. It sucks.

  13. Just in case you were wondering, this site is a scam. I don’t want anybody to spend time on here ever again.

  14. Can someone please tell me if is legit, or is it just another scam site? I always get confused.

  15. Jared Wallick

    People told me that this site was GOOD. People were lying to me! Or talking about another site. Who knows.

  16. Strong Eternal Jupiter

    My test run of was so bad that I never want to see another dating site in my life.

  17. I won’t give this site a good rating. I literally refuse to fuel the shitstorm that is this crappy site.

  18. Evil Brutus Davis

    Review sites from 2014 are crazy. This isn’t a good site, and it sure as hell doesn’t work at all.

  19. I can’t believe I’ve never tried online dating before! I want to go with a small site like first.

  20. Nobody go on sites like this. They need to be shut down, so just boycott them now and save some time.


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